Hello, My name is Matthew Hill, Candidate for Mayor #25 on The ballot.


I see New Orleans as the product of its people not of its government. I see New Orleans as a product of its strength not of its politics. I see New Orleans’ future as a product of today, not its past. 


This city needs proper management! As the Chief Executive Officer of New Orleans, I offer a revolutionary approach to our city’s chronic problems. 


Under my tenure, this city will undergo a full upgrade of every process, every department, and service. We will expand access to city services and improve the quality of every service the city offers.

Superhero Leadership : Book One:

The 5 Infinite Principles of Exceptional Leadership

So you want to be the superhero you always thought you were? I can teach you how. It’s easy; you just have to lead like a superhero. Every single superhero tale has the same theme regardless of the story-line, that theme is always leadership.

City employees want a better management system, they want better tools, and they want to do an outstanding job. It is up to the Mayor’s office to give the workers better resources.
Matthew Hill

About Matthew

I was born and orphaned in San Salvador, El Salvador months before the Salvadoran Civil War. I was adopted and rescued by my mother who grew up in Gentilly and my father who grew up south of Detroit.

I graduated from George Mason University with a B.A. in Government and International Politics with a focus on Leadership. I am a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader, consultant, author, and executive coach with unique qualifications to be the Mayor of New Orleans. I specialize in Leadership and Management; I have a Change Management Specialist Certification as well as an IASSC Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. I offer our city a full range of strategies, tactics, exercises, and interventions that will upgrade communication, lower operating costs, untangle bureaucracies and streamline execution to secure the legacy of a Lean Organization. Lean Government is the future for our beloved New Orleans.