Lean Government

Under my tenure, this city will undergo a full upgrade of every process, every department, and service. We will expand access to city services and improve the quality of every service the city offers. This will be accomplished by implementing Lean Six Sigma to measure, assess, improve, and controlling every process the city undertakes. We will evolve our communication model to create an information flow that will put front-line employees in direct contact with the citizens they serve is both accurate and in real-time. This system needs management.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a systematic set of troubleshooting and problem-solving tools to improve processes, reduce waste, upgrade operations, provide better communication, lasting improvements, and developing the workforce in any organization. Lean was created by Toyota (waste reduction), and Six Sigma (quality improvement) was created by Motorola. The levels of education within Lean Six Sigma are divided up into martial arts belt colors. “Martial-Arts’” proficiency lies in the optimal use of energy, movement, leverage, accuracy, and control through the movement of the body, much like the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma. The lowest level of Lean Six Sigma certification is the White Belt or Yellow Belt depending on the size of the organization. The next level is Green Belt where information is analyzed on a surface level. Black Belts do the heavy analysis and help the Green, Yellow, and White belts implement strategies. I will publish an operations manual so that every citizen can easily understand how our city works down to every detail.

Municipalities such as Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, Houston, Louisville, and more have used Lean Six Sigma to streamline processes, lower taxes, increase quality, and lower taxes. States such as Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and others have “leaned-out” their governments and improved services across multiple departments.[1] Lean Government provides its workforce with a learning environment as well as a culture of constant improvement. Lean Government is a well-proven system, and it is time to bring it to New Orleans.

This citizen of New Orleans will no longer be subject to band-aid corrective measures rather than cause solutions. Our citizens have to continually lower their expectations of how the city operates from experience, not rhetoric. The hard-working, tax-paying citizens of New Orleans are continually let down by lack-luster response, reactive government, poor communication, and no recourse. The entire system needs management.