Crime & Policing

I believe firmly that crime is a symptom. Crime is a symptom of attitude. I was the victim of a home invasion here in Orleans Parish. And in the rush of the moment, a question popped into my head; who protects me? Do the police protect me? As that child pointed that gun at me, I realized when you are being robbed the police cannot protect you. The police cannot protect you. The only thing protecting you is the attitude of the people around you. If a person’s attitude is to take advantage or victimize you, then you are not safe. But if that person’s attitude is to respect you as a neighbor, to be part of your community, to be part of your life, then that attitude will protect you.

So, how do you change the attitude? Through trust, the only way to bring down crime in this city is trust. The citizens must trust their environment, their neighbors, their city, but more importantly, they must trust consistency, and they must trust the quality. It is up to our city to provide both quality and consistency. As our city’s front-line ambassadors, our police must earn trust through quality and consistency.

Every good manager knows that to improve consistency and quality of service, the focus must be on the front-line workers. So, to begin to fix the violent crime in New Orleans, I will focus on providing our Officers the support from city hall that they need, by removing the shackles that hinder their ability to fight crime.



The FED’s Community Policing model is not accurate nor is it effective. This city’s policing strategies will no longer be hindered by the FED!

We will cultivate a true community policing model complete with walking beats throughout the entire city. You will see two uniformed officers strolling down your street every day, earning your respect and trust. You may or may not see the two vehicles with four other officers combing the neighborhood for quick response purposes. Keep in mind that these officers walking the beat will be out in the intense heat so that we will invest in new shoes, lighter equipment, and better materials for their uniforms.

Fuzzy Borders: I will introduce fuzzy borders, where two or more police districts will be responsible for the same territory. This forces them to set up proper communication channels, so that information flows freely throughout both departments and districts.

District Split: I will be splitting policing districts and moving from 8 Police Districts to 11 maybe 12 separate districts ex. 3rd District will be split at City Park boundaries, so 3rd will continue to police Lakeview and Hollygrove, and our new 9th District will focus only on Gentilly.

Beat Cops: We will earn your trust the old-fashioned way, by being consistent. We will begin by deploying beat cops in every neighborhood as well as patrol cars combing the areas for immediate response. The beat cops will be consistently walking the neighborhoods to earn respect and trust of the neighbors. The best way to bridge trust is to be consistent. It may take one neighbor six weeks to begin to trust the officers, while another neighbor may take nine months to start trusting. Either way, our city needs to provide consistency because our citizens deserve it.

Prevention occurs on more than just a policing level. Prevention includes economic access, education, and support. Our young men and women need both opportunities and the knowledge of how to seize those opportunities. I will overhaul education in this city, from childhood education to adult education we are going to upgrade the entire institution. We are going make it easier to access vocational training and form public-private partnerships to build a feeder program so that the cycle of employment can be complete. There are several different programs we can enhance to deliver better access to vocational services. If we want our at-risk citizens to invest in themselves, then we need to invest in them.



Education today is based on test scores and getting children into college. This system does not deal with the core of education, learning. The current system does not teach children to learn, nor is it tailored to take advantage of learning styles. I see the major flaw in our education system is the system itself. The same School House Model we have used for over 200 years. It is time to innovate a new way to teach.

I want to provide a better system. I want New Orleans to be home to the most innovative education system in the United States. And, I have just the system in mind, the Nysmith School system. www.nysmith.com This system keeps children clumped in social units by grade but provides different teachers for different subjects. The students will move from classroom to classroom and have two teachers per classroom. The curriculum is based on learning styles, not test scores. Our children must be challenged and if you give them the tools to succeed you also need to teach them how and when to use those tools. To give our youth a better future then the cycle of mediocrity must cease.

I want ot work closely with the Orleans Parish School Board to transition to a better system. I want to see our youth excited to learn and embrace knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

Civil Service Management

One of the secrets that keeps companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Disney, Pixar, and other super-innovators have is a positive work environment, more specifically a learning environment. What I mean by learning environment is, in short, is a work place culture and structure that allows for the personal growth of each worker. This kind of environment cannot be implemented or installed. This kind of environment must be cultivated and it comes down to a combination of several factors including relationships with co-workers, easy communication with supervisors, proper benefits packages, proper recognition, and training & development that results in a highly engaged workforce.

One of my pivotal strategies is to engage the entire civil workforce with training & development in regards to Lean Six Sigma. We will have to train our front-line workers to recognize waste so that at least every employee is at a Yellow Belt level of understanding of process management. The more we invest in our workforce, the more satisfied they will be with their job and thus they will pass that on the customer/citizen. There will be other programs that we will train our civil servants in, so that we add value to each and every one of our hard working civil servants. We should not want our workforce to retire, we want them to graduate, to go on and become more with the skills that they learned under our wing.

Flood Risk Adaption

Our streets are deteriorated to the point that resurfacing is just a waste of time and money. If we are going to fix the roads, they must be fixed correctly. Since we do not know where sink-holes are located, we must tear up the road to replace and reset the foundation. If we are going to do this I propose we integrate drainage directly into the road system.

I want to turn our entire street system into a driveable canal system. By utilizing a housed catch-basin with cistern and pump system, covered by multiple layers of porous aggregate and a top layer of porous recycled plastic, we can design our city to take on rain and storm water without ever flooding. We will contain ALL run-off water and move it wherever we want to. We can even store it or process it for drinking water. This will also end our sinking/subsiding.

By containing and controlling all of our run-off water, we will be reducing the amount of water that gets into water-table. The reason why we are sinking/subsiding is because we are pumping water out of the water-table. By managing run-off on the surface, through the street, we will not be managing the water at the water-table level. This will drastically reduce the amount of damage done to homes, streets, and businesses.

Lower Taxes

I will LOWER Taxes across the board. As Mayor, I will not allow an increase in fee, tax, or millage to pay for the years of mismanagement our City has suffered. The citizens with whom I have spoken all have S&WB horror stories, and I will not continue to balance the over-inflated budget on the backs of the citizens. New fees are off the table. We will free up internal money and deal with the problem. We will streamline the process, take that money and reinvest it back into infrastructure maintenance. The cost of maintenance does not go up; it always stays the same. How much money we waste on doing the job inefficiently or inaccurately is what changes, and these operating costs are what drive up the budgetary costs. This city has plenty money; it just needs to manage its spending better.

I fully intend to lower taxes and fees across the board. I will expand the tax base by increasing our population, diversifying our industrial markets, and stimulating economic growth. We must stimulate a light manufacturing industry that relies on manpower rather than machine manufacturing. Having a business-friendly environment begins with City Hall lowering costs, and by offering incentives for tenure. But in the end stimulating a thriving business environment always comes down to lowering costs of conducting business.

I will end the contract for the traffic cameras, and we will police traffic the old-fashioned way, by pulling people over. We have plenty of State Troopers and other officers that we can utilize. Besides, people change how they drive after they are pulled over, not after a bill shows up in the mail.


I am going to take direct action to lower the cost of living in Orleans Parish. To begin getting money back into the pocket of the citizen, I will lower the city’s operational costs so that we can reduce taxes and fees across the board. Next, we will grow the economy by opening new markets and lowering the cost of doing business in Orleans Parish offering new jobs and careers. I will not increase public transportation fees we will reduce the operational costs so that we can keep the price fixed. I believe that we can have a robust economy if we focus on lowering the cost of doing business with the city and reducing the cost of entrance to the market.

I will reduce the property tax for occupied homes; this does not include short-term rental properties. I will also reduce fees so that low and fixed-income families are not at-risk of being priced out of their homes. Recovery projects will be altered because they are not stimulating home ownership by low-income residents as much as it is driving up the cost of living. Recovery projects drive up speculation and incentivize companies and individuals over price the finished product. The cost of renovation needs to be reduced as well.



The city has room for growth in the East, and since the housing market is cooling off now is the best time to begin building up instead of out. The East provides an area where we can utilize Urban Centers. Urban centers are used primarily in suburban settings. Urban Centers are mixed-use developments that include residential apartments, offices, government offices, restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment all contained within one square mile. Essentially they are miniature downtowns complete with wide sidewalks, open streets, bus depot, and parking that allow easy access for all residents. We can cluster 6 or 7 of these Urban Centers around New Orleans East to build a network of accessible territories allowing residents to better access to housing, jobs, and transportation.


Funding Mechanisms

  • We will decriminalize online gambling, land-based sports betting, and online sports betting. This is intended to help stimulate an IT sector that we can station in New Orleans East. The IT support industries will group around that area creating new career opportunities.
  • All Birth Control will be Over-the-Counter OTC. No more prescriptions in Orleans Parish. We will be the only place in the country where women can buy birth control anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity. Once the women in the rest of the country figure out they can buy online from New Orleans they will flood our market. This will create E-Commerce as well as pharmaceutical companies wanting to set up shop and complement our Medical Economy.
  • Legalize recreational cannabis. We will recreationalize cannabis in Orleans Parish with or without the consent of the State. With the legalization of recreational cannabis, Oregon reported $6.8 million of tax revenue in less than five months at the start of 2016 and are expecting $31 million in marijuana revenues for 2017. Las Vegas recently followed suit, and though the statistics will not be available for a few more weeks, I am confident that the numbers will represent significant revenue. Once figures become available from Las Vegas, will we be able to get a better picture of I stand by the legalization of recreational cannabis and the tax revenue it will bring; we can take the burden off of the citizen to foot the bill.